April 18 2015 0Comment

Long runs with a smile 

Week two of marathon training done and dusted and I’m pleased to report thanks to my Medtronic pump my diabetes is playing along!!!  After suffering with shocking sugars lows last year prior to starting on the  pump (would finish a run with sugars of 1.3) I stopped enjoying running and to be honest looking back on it I’m lucky to still be alive. Today I ran 16kms and finished with sugars of 4.9 and just as important I’m feeling more confident that I’m in control of my diabetes rather then it controlling me.  Now those that know me are aware I have a bit of a thing for  Brooks running shoes…….actually it no secret everyone knows it lol  this morning I got to test out the shoes I will wear to run the Gold Coast Marathon in and they where brilliant. Next week I’m trying my first trail run which is an 18km event on Bruny Island very different to the road racing I have done so looking forward to the challenge.