April 29 2015 0Comment

Fast And The Not So Furious

For the last 6 days I have been lucky enough to be wearing a Medtronic CGM sensor which has made life so much easier and given my fingers a much needed rest from the countless blood tests I do each day. Because of the CGM I have avoided the lows which come with training and in some cases because some silly bugger (aka me) has over estimated the carbs in a meal. But what I learn from the sensor is also life changing in how I manage my diabetes. I can run 30kms and my sugars will happily stay around 4 or 5 but if I do a speed session which is much shorter but the intensity greater my sugars drop dramatically without fail. Yesterday during my speed session this happened but to be truthful I expected it too and with the sensor in I  knew the pump would be yelling at me before the wheels fell completely off.  And that is what happened I started out with sugars of 8 and within 35 minutes they where at 3.0 the pump suspended at 3.2 and told me to get  sugar into me which I did and all ended well and finished off with sugars of 4.5.  Now in the past I would just keep running till I got back to the car in some cases crawling and licking spilt glucose gel off the steering wheel of the car in the moments of desperation trying to correct a sugar low that could have been avoid if I had been wearing a sensor (and yes I really have done that!!!). Having worn the sensor over the last week makes me even more passionate about seeing young type ones having access to them.