April 30 2015 0Comment

Deb Unsensored

Today was back to the reality of countless blood tests as I came off my Medtronic CGM sensor.  Felt a bit down really as I didn’t miss putting holes in my fingers and I avoided  two sugars lows as a result of the sensor. But something that hadnt occurred to me was the difference it made to my 9 year son Lachlan. First thing he asks after school is “what are your sugars” for the last week he could see what they where just glancing at the pump sitting on my hip. Going onto my pump reduced the stress in his life and worrying “is mum going to wake up?” And now I see what a huge diffrence wearing a sensor makes to him. Also makes me think as a parent how much stress would be taken from the lives of parents with children who have  T1 diabetes. Funny how sometimes after years of battling diabetes I now tend to look at things differently or at the bigger picture and not only the effect on my family and friends but also other families who battle with this disease everyday.   I feel very lucky I can get out and achieve everything I want in life and enjoy my passion of running as you can see from the above photo who wouldn’t love being out doing what they love on a Tassie day like today.