May 02 2015 0Comment

Sugar Lows and Unicorns

Early start this morning for my run as Lach my 9 year old had an early footy game. Hit the road at 5.30am ish with blood sugars of 6.3 so with no Medtronic CGM sensor I was confident that all would stay under control for the next few hours and I had my glucose gels and tester with me just it case. It was a lovely morning and surprisingly there where a number of people out and about. Eye of the Tiger playing and feeling great off I set. 15kms down and I started to feel confused (a sign that my sugars where dropping) stopped tested and got 3.2!!!! Hell ok what’s caused that? Dealt with it with a gel and pushed on. Still didn’t feel right stopped tested now 2.9 had another gel and enjoyed the view for a while. Started off again but as my training session was now buggered I thought best I head home …….. This is where the run turned to a crawl!!!! Tested 2.8 and no more gels, I suspended the pump which maybe I should have thought to do earlier!!!! My head was telling my body to stay “normal” just keep walking till you get home. Finally reached the front door tested again 2.6 I was in real trouble now and no one was home so I had to get inside fast and get sugar into me (my head was saying hurry up you will be late for Lach’s footy game but my body was saying ohhh look unicorns). Got to the fridge grabbed a bottle of coke out but managed to shake it and of course then cover the kitchen in it once opened  but managed to get enough down to start the slow rise back to being a functioning adult again. Of course what else could I do but sit on the kitchen floor cry,  clean up the mess before the cat ran it all over the house, get in the shower and then get to the footy so not to let Lach down. When all I really wanted to do was lay on the floor and cry some more. But I pulled it all together and no one especially Lach was any the wiser. Of course after this happening I start to “debrief” what caused it? Could I have avoided it?  In this case is was most likely a combination of carbing for a coffee that was only half drunk and pushing myself that bit harder while running. Seem like small things but enough to make my sugars turn on me. How can I avoid this happening again?  Be more aware of carbs consumed but what occurred to me most was that if I been wearing a sensor the whole situation could have been avoided and I wouldn’t have had to lick coke of my kitchen floor like a mad woman !!!!