May 13 2015 0Comment

Snow And Going Low

Tomorrow I  start on the new Medtronic MiniMed 640G insulin pump which is very exciting but also a bit scary.  When I commenced on my pump last August there where lots of tears and it seems making the change from my current pump to the new one I’m  having a similar reaction!!!!  I guess when your trusted best mate is at your side 24/7 and without doubt saved my life it is emotional to see it go. Let’s face it I talk to my pump, yelling at it and asking it for advice and spend more time with it then I do family so it’s become more then just a machine…… It’s my BFF!!!!! Today we did our last run together. A lovely chilly Hobart morning with stunning views of a snowy Mt Wellington off I set unfortunalty  I wasn’t wearing a sensor which resulted in me having to call/txt my partner Brendon for help as my sugars crashed and the best I could do was to txt  “help”.  He had to leave work and showed up in time to help and avoid a major hypo but it was still a tad scary.  One of the main features of the MiniMed  640G (the really exciting part) is that it will predict  the hypo prior to it happening and adjust itself to ensure it doesn’t happen which for me running big Kms will  take the stress out of training. But more importantly it takes the stress out of everyday life for the people I love most (I joking call them my type 3 diabetes).  Interesting days ahead but keen to meet my new BFF tomorrow 🙂