May 16 2015 0Comment

All Pumped

Started on the MiniMed 640G insulin pump and wow it’s wonderful I would liken coming off my old pump and starting on the MiniMed 640G to using a Motorola Flip and getting your first IPhone.  I was nervous upgrading as it was the unknown I had read every possible piece of  information I could on the MiniMed but even so changing something that is such a huge part of your life felt odd. But I found the change easy and I instantly bonded with my new friend. It’s  easier to use and prompts you at every turn which makes the change over much smoother. I’m very lucky to have a wonderful diabetic educator who has been a huge support,  Liz Broad at Health Invest has been my pump angel and I feel very lucky to have her support and advice (we have a giggle or two along the way too).  We made a few changes to the settings to improve things (and with a non-diabetic HB1C thats not easy!!!) Today Liz trained me in how to use the CGM which as I’m competing in a fun run tomorrow removes the stress factor of “Will I go low?” Because by putting my trust in the pump I know it will deal with a hypo prior to it happening by predicting the hypo and suspending to stop it occurring!!!  How cool is that what’s not to love about no hypos!!!!!!!  Early days on the MiniMed 640G but I love it and let’s face it, it’s a far cooler looking pump (of course I got kms4kids purple) !!!!