May 17 2015 0Comment

Learning The Ropes

Took part in my 4th RACT City to Casino this morning and thank god I had CGM in!!!!! With twigged settings we where trying new things with the pump and to be honest by 4k of my 11k fun run I wasn’t enjoying it due to my sugars pushing higher and higher until in the end I gave a correction (can use the MiniMed 640G with one had making it easier to run and pump!!) after that I settled back to trying to enjoy the run and stop thinking every 2 minutes “what’s the pump doing?” With 3k to go I felt the alarm on the pump go off and it was doing what I had mosted loved the idea of when I heard out Medtronic’s new pump ………. protecting me by using its predictive low suspend. Finished my run a little upset there was no PB and I had got myself into a state over the pump settings not performing as they had with my old pump. BUT my love affair with the MiniMed 640G continues as I had seen it do what I had longed for in the past ……. STOP THE HYPO!!!!!  I’m confident with some more changes to its settings we can have my sugars a bit more settled and the best bit is I get to take part in another event next weekend to test it all out again!!!!!