May 19 2015 0Comment

A Day Without Diabetes

Yesterday  I wished for a day off a day where I didn’t  have to think about blood sugars, carbs and wished I could eat and excerise like a “normal” person. No matter how hard I wished for that day off it didn’t happen and the truth is never will!!!! But it made me feel greatful for what I have and that’s my health and people that love me.  Over the last 48 hours we seemed to have the settings on the MiniMed 640G just about right. I took a day off from training so I could concentrate on pump settings and looking over the uploads to see what was going on and where things could be improved. Tomorrow I will get back too what I love running and see how the new settings effect my sugars…… They say marathon runners are a tough bunch but trust me diabetic marathoners are even tougher!!!! Least the extra down time gave me the opportunity to work on MiniMed Miles and make sure our event is perfect (and of course raises lots of money).