May 21 2015 0Comment

Feeling Pumped

Today marks one week since commencing on the MiniMed 640G and I feel so lucky to have the MiniMed by my side. We have had the highs and lows of diabetes with setting changes but we are now working as one. My fingers are thanking me as they have had a holiday from constant finger pricks and blood testing because of the CGM and I’m sleeping like a baby knowing that with Smart Guard I’m not going to go low and wake up with ambulance officers standing over me and I have a more relaxed 9 year old as Lachlan knows “the new pump” will not allow anything to happen to mum.   I can go out for a long run and enjoy it as I trust the pump and have seen the Smart Guard activate avoiding a hypo. The main thing I have experienced over the last week is freedom as Smart Guard makes all the tough decisions for me and for the first time in 30 years of being a diabetic the “risk” factor of  completing simple daily tasks (and training for a marathon) is greatly reduced. Now if Medtrnoic could make the next pump it produces – txt, put the rubbish out and cook dinner I think I would marry it as we are already a match made in heaven !!!!!