May 24 2015 0Comment

Pumping It Up 

Yesterday Brendon and I attended the Diabetes Tasmania Pump Expo which I was asked to speak at on behalf of Medtronic Diabetes.  Met some amazing people with type one diabetes who loved pumping just as much as I do.   I got to share just how amazing the MiniMed 640G and Smart Guard are and by carbing then not eating (yes that happens when I get side tracked) I got to demonstrate just how great CGM/Smart Guard   really is (albeit by accident).  What I have learnt from the expo (but truth is I already knew) is just how important people with diabetes and their families think CGM is but the cost prohibits many from having access to it although I did  have the chance to point out  Medtroinic have some excellent deals which made CGM more obtainable.  What hit me most where the children in the room which type one and the stress which is placed on their loved ones who manage this disease 24/7.  Knowing only too well how me wearing CGM has given both Lach and Brendon piece of mind made me see how diabetes is managed as a team whether it be mums and dads or children and partners (and of course the medial term). I have the up most respect for all the “type 3’s” who are the people who battle diabetes by our side and without question deal with the highs and lows.