May 28 2015 0Comment

Driving Issues

Happy second week anniversary to  my Medtroinic MiniMed 640G, hard to believe it’s been two weeks since I start on the MiniMed !!! I still think it’s the best thing since the invention of insulin and having the benefits of using Smart Guard has been a god send not only in training for the Gold Coast Marathon but also in day to day life. As a diabetic I always test my sugars before getting behind the wheel of a car not only for my safety but also for the safety of my loved ones and others. A diabetic in hypo behind the wheel of a car is a lethal weapon putting lives at risk. Having a sensor in ensures that my sugars stay within ranage and should they begin to drop the pump will notify me prior to the hypo which gives piece of mind to me (and other road users) that I’m in control of my car and what I’m doing while driving it (some friends may say my driving is bad enough without added issues lol) . What others take for granted (such as driving a car) diabetics cannot, as too do it safely we need to blood test and on occasions that means we cannot drive because of low sugars which if not corrected could result in injury (or worse) to us or others road users.  Just another thing type ones have to take into account daily  but well worth that extra blood test to ensure we all stay safe. Yet another reason why Smart Guard is an essential part a diabetes management!!!!