May 30 2015 0Comment

Flying Solo

After two weeks of being on CGM today has been my first full day without  it…….. today sucked !!!!!  I had failed to see how attached and reliant I had become on the CGM. Again having to constantly remind myself to blood test and being self aware of hypos without SmartGuard it occurred to me that I had lived the last two weeks as a “normal person”.  I’m back to testing countless times a day (with testers in the bedroom, kitchen, study, handbag and car) running with a blood tester attached to run belt and waking up (which seems to be a built in thing I just do) to test during the night “just in case” my sugars have taken a dive downwards. My reaction too coming of the CGM has been over the top I know that!!!!!! I’m now back in the routine of testing and happily doing what I have always done in order to survive a day in the life of a type one diabetic. Fortunately Medtronic have some great deals on CGM on offer but the day PBS starts covering CGM I will NEVER be without it because for the first time in 30 years as a result of my Medtronic MiniMed 640G and SmartGuard I had two weeks of living like a “non diabetic” I never thought I would have the chance to feel like that and I feel grateful for the time on CGM as I know for many it’s not affordable. It also makes me more determined to raise money which can contribute to giving access to not only pumps but also the life saving CGM/SmartGuard  making  a positive difference to other young type one diabetics.