June 03 2015 0Comment

Pump Love 

Over the last two days I have been sick with the flu and vomiting !!!! Now I don’t tend to slow down or stop when sick and with only 5 weeks left to the Gold Coast Marathon it really couldn’t have hit me at a worse time!!! But I had to give in and admit defeat, hardly moved off my bed and just feeling yuck. It occurred to me that since starting on my Medtronic insulin pump last August I haven’t  had a sickness and this is actually the first time I have had the benefit of managing a sick day with the pump. Now in the past (my pre pumping days) my sugars would have bounced between low and high and no doubt I would have had ketones (not that I tested for them in my “what diabetes? I don’t need to worry about that stuff” days!!!). In the last 48 hours the highest my sugars have been while sick is 9.8 and the lowest 3.4 which was due to carbing for food that didn’t stay down !!!!! And not a ketone to be found 😉 All the credit goes to my MiniMed mate who yet again proved to me the benefits of pumping.