June 05 2015 0Comment


Pumping 101…….. Trust the pump!!!! Got into bed last night with my blood sugars sitting at around 9.5 told the pump and it wanted to give a me a correction to lower my sugars to within range.  After an hour of reading I thought best test again…… 8.5 now this is where even though the voice in my head was saying “the pump knows best” I actually thought it hasn’t given me enough……I’ll fix it with a top up !!!! In hindsight bad move within 45 minutes my sugars had dropped too 3.2 and I was taking action to get them back up while telling myself what a fool I was too not leave it alone, letting the pump do what it’s done perfectly on it own!!!!!  So 90 blood tests later (ok not that many but lots) I was happy to finally go to sleep. My Medtronic MiniMed 640G had NEVER let me down do what made me override it?And second guess it? Maybe 30 years of dealing with type one diabetes alone? Maybe just because I had a moment of insanity and knew best? Whatever the reason it resulted in a sugar low and VERY sore fingers from all the blood testing. So when a diabetic educator tells you “trust the pump” do it NEVER second guess what the pump wants to do!!!!