June 17 2015 0Comment

Running Low

Went for my first “unsensored” run in while this morning. My sugars where sitting nicely at 6.2 prior to taking off on a 15k training run on a damp Hobart morning. With about 5k to go I started to feel the effects of my sugars dropping and it seemed I had gotten so used to being on CGM and having SmartGuard that I forgot just how diligent I need to be when running solo. By the time I got back to the car my sugars had crashed and required a quick shot of my True Results glucose drink which is perfect as its 15 carbs in one mouthful of drink and works really fast!!!! Of course then I couldn’t drive as my sugars had fallen below 5 so I sat and enjoyed  the view over the Derwent River for a while till my sugars reached 5.6 and I could get home for a much needed shower.  Upon getting home I packed my run belt with the much needed “unsensored” items such as blood tester, glucose gels etc etc!!!  Nothing like becoming a pack horse before even leaving the house!!!!  Looking forward to going back onto CGM towards the end of the week but for now I need a break as I have a sore tummy from not only set changes but an annoying reaction I get from dressings and tapes. My fingers will take the punishment for a little while with blood testing but knowing I’m lucky enough to have access to CGM while training makes these short breaks easier. My greatest wish is for every type one to have access to CGM but for now Im just trying a save the world one diabetic at a time 😉