July 01 2015 0Comment

CSI Moments 

Most of my friends would say I’m a little OCD when it comes to packing to go away and I would tend to agree. But as a type one diabetic it is always a must to double check you have all the “bits” and even a back up plan……. For example for our trip to the Gold Coast for the marathon I ensured  we had enough set changes for the pump plus extras just in case of accidents, enough insulin and a little extra but also a perscirption for a  “just in case” moment.  The list goes on and on, test strips, blood testers, hypo kits, sensors in fact my carry on luggage was full with all my diabetic supply’s (and my beloved Brooks runners). Today was the first time since starting on the MiniMed 640G that I have flown, did so a number of times with my old pump without issue. But I have too admit today as I walked though the scanner  at airport security I had that moment of holding my breath just in case my trusty purple friend set every alarm off in the airport causing me to be arrested and jailed (ok  that’s never going to happen but tell that to a panic stricken me). Anyway we arrived safe and sound on the Gold Coast by which time I looked like an episode of CSI being covered in blood from blood testing during the flight !!!! I waited to put the sensor in till we arrived as I want too have piece of mind not only while running the marathon but also so I can enjoy the things many take for granted such as theme parks and the beach without constant testing and risking a sugar low (the last thing I need 3 days before a marathon). But so far so good no major sugars drops!!!! As a result of the CGM/SmartGuard this will proberly be the safest I have been while taking on a marathon and I feel very blessed to have been able to use CGM throughout my training.