July 06 2015 0Comment

Let’s Do It All Again!!!!!

After 14 weeks of training and 100’s of Kms the day of the Gold Coast Marathon arrived. The lead up to it with my diabetes had been tricky we had good patches then as diabetes does it would turn on me and I would have too adapt the pump settings to work around it. CGM made it so much easier and the risks far less and it actually became a sport of landing correct BSL while training. I learnt that distance training didn’t upset things too much but more intensive speed sessions crashed my sugars low. In the mix of all this a nagging foot injury resulting from me tripping over a rock week one of training had cause more damage then first thought but we adapted my program and got on with the job.  Unfortunalty this “nagging” injury caught me in the end after all those weeks of training I had the final 42.195kms too run but at 8kms my foot couldn’t take anymore and I had to withdraw from the Gold Coast Marathon. On top of that I had twigged my pump settings to handle running for 4 hours and had began the process of hydrating using Gu gels (very high in carbs) and drinking sports  drinks along the course so I had to deal with rising blood sugars as these things would normally be burnt off while running but  now where extra carbs I had on board not being use!!!! So there where lots of corrections needed during the course of the day to get my sugars back under control but again thanks  to my pump and CGM we managed to keep things in hand.  So for the next little while I get to take a rest too let my foot heel and then I will be back into running and slowly build up to running ultra’s.  At the moment I’m feeling very let down and there has been lots of tears. After pulling out I stayed on the side of the road as I knew the leaders would soon be running past and I had the thrill of watching some of the worlds best marathoners in action. And not far behind them was a dear friend who had supported and helped me train for the marathon, Brian Lyons who ran a 2 hour 32 minute marathon which is darn fast!!!!  The Gold Coast Marathon is an amazing event and I’m already making plans to run it again next year!!!!