July 13 2015 0Comment

Next Adventure

Back home and settling into NOT running for the next few weeks…….ok not so much settling but complaining lots!!!!
After 14 weeks of training and my pump settings being adjusted to handle big kms, I’m now making changes too it again to ensure things stay under control. The first few days of no running sent my sugars into a bounce between low and high (ok when I say high I mean tops of 12-15). I have remained on CGM to keep a close eye on what’s going on and it’s safe to say that SmartGuard on my MiniMed 640G has saved my butt afew times!!!!!  But it’s taken only a short time to twig things back under control as a result of having CGM. 
With just under a month till the City2Surf in Sydney resting my injured foot is a must but rest isn’t something I do well but it’s giving me time to catch up on the administration side of Kms4Kids. And we have some exciting things coming up !!!!!!
This time last year I wasn’t on a pump and it wasn’t uncommon for my 9 year old son to be calling 000 two and three times a week as he couldn’t wake mummy up due to sugar lows thanks too pumping those days are gone. 
Only hours before heading off to the start of the City2Surf last year I had a major sugar low and was fitting in Brendon’s arms which resulted in vomiting, dehydration and me running 14kms of hell with blood sugars heading skyward while drinking every drink station dry and stopping at every portaloo.  Two weeks later I started on my Medtronic pump and my medical team told me that I was lucky I wasn’t the second death on the City2Surf course for 2014. 
Here we are a year later happily pumping and seeing the benefits of it not only for me but for my family. 
My love of the new MiniMed 640G grows everyday with its ability to suspend before going low advoiding the dreaded sugar low not only while running but while I sleep it’s like my guardian  angel watching over me. 
Cannot wait to get back into training and heading off to Sydney for the worlds largest and greatest fun run.