July 14 2015 0Comment

Diabetic Again!!!

For the past two weeks I have been on CGM and also for most of my marathon training program I had CGM which on more then one occasion saved my backside thanks to the amazing MiniMed 640G and SmartGuard.  Having these tools is almost like having a holiday from diabetes……..the holiday is over!!!!!!  
Since I stopped running I have had to change settings in the pump and adjust insulin dosages to ensure BSL’s stay under control but unfortunalty my diabetes is winning today (and last night) with a 24 hour period of sugar lows and no sensor reporting to the pump and in turn no SmartGuard kicking in too avoid the hypo!!!!!  I’m feeling drained and on top of it I’m now vomiting which is no doubt related to the hypos. 
So I can officially report that not having CGM in sucks!!!!!  My partner Brendon has taken the day off work as he knows that when we hit a patch like this we need a family plan and constant blood testing is part of that plan.  I have dropped the Basel insulin back and starting to see some improvement in my BSL.  
I guess it just goes to show that no matter how well controlled your diabetes is every now and again it will try and show you who’s boss!!!
Diabetes might have won today’s round but round two will be won by me and the MiniMed 640G.