August 03 2015 0Comment

Back In The Mix

After afew weeks off  yesterday I was thrilled to take on the roll of Tasmanian Road Runners’ Foot Solider (which involved coming at the rear of the field and helping those struggling).  And I have to say it was the true meaning of fun run with lots of happy face completing   the Budget Fun Run!!!  It was a freezing morning with strong winds but everyone taking part was determined to completed one of Tassie’s best fun runs. 
This week I travel to Sydney  taking on the worlds biggest fun run City2Surf,  I thought it best to start back on CGM to  monitor what’s going on 24/7 as I start increasing Kms again and training for the North2South Run which is only three months away (where has the time gone???) 
Last night I was woken up by my MiniMed 640G buzzing at me…… It had activated SmartGuard and perdicted a hypo. As cold as it was I pulled my ugg boots on and shuffled into the kitchen to give myself a  sugar top up.  And because the pump had predicted the low it was easily fixed and I was able to return to bed and sleep feeling safe. 
Yet again the MiniMed/SmartGuard saved my butt!!!! Seeing how having these amazing products has changed my life and the life of my loved ones pushes me more to ensure that every type one diabetic has access to this life saving technology. 
So after a break from running for afew weeks it’s time to get back to it and begin training for my ultra run from Launceston to Hobart.  Along with promoting MiniMed Miles our event we are arranging which will  raise funds for children who cannot afford insulin pumps and giving them access to Medtroinc’s MiniMed 640G.  Even if I can give one child and their family the security I have by pumping and avoiding the life theatering hypo’s I will be pleased. But of course myself and our friends at Medtronic have far bigger plans then just one !!!!!