August 12 2015 0Comment

Pump Savvy

For the third year in a row I was lucky enough to  take  part in the City2Surf but it was also a time to reflect on what a difference a year has made to my health and outlook on being a type one diabetic. 
A year ago I walked to the start line of the 2014 City2Surf vomiting after suffering a shocking hypo over night. My partner Brendon had dealt with a hypo so bad that he was left with a choice of calling 000 only hours after asking me to marry him (and of course I said yes) or trying to nurse me sugars up so I could take part in the City2Surf which I had traveled to Sydney for. 
Fortunately  Brendon did nurse me out of the hypo and left the choice to me if I would take part in the 14km fun run. Of course I wanted to run and I arrived at the start vomiting from the headache induced from the hypo. Now keeping in mind this is only weeks before I was to start on my Medtrnoic insulin pump, I didn’t have a blood tester on me, I had no idea what adrenaline did to my sugars and I was completely ignorant to the damage I was doing to myself.  As my sugars rebounded from the low coupled with adrenaline my sugars bounced high which resulted in me getting great value out my race entry as I drank every drink station dry and used every portaloo along the course!!!! I joke now but the truth be known I had put myself at risk and was told later I was lucky not to be the second death on the course that day. 
Here we are 12 months later and I’m on the MiniMed 640G and CGM and over 14kms in some of Sydney most stunning suburbs we worked as one to ensure my sugars stay under control. 
At around the half way point of the City2Surf  the SmartGaurd activated on the pump and suspended as it had perdicted a low. With CGM I knew I could enjoy the lollies begging offered by residents on the side of the road (in fact one lovely family had a family member on a pump a story they where happy to share as they noticed mine). 
By the time I reached Bondi my sugars where 4.3 and it occurred to me that the most undiabetic in the world had in fact transformed into someone who could not only manage her own illness but could set an example of what NOT to do and help others to make informed decisions on not only pumping but also just trying to live life as a type one diabetic. 
After the run I was ready to jump in the hotel pool to cool off and help with my recovery and I can officially report that the MiniMed 640G is waterproof. It did feel a little odd at first getting in the pool with it on as my instant reaction was to protect it and past pumps havent been waterproof. But the 640G proved its wonderfulness (if that’s a word lol) yet again. 
The best thing about the 640G and using CGM is not only the fact that I can run without the risk of major hypo but also the fact I can go to bed and know I’m going to wake up  as the pump will not only deal with a potential hypo by suspending, it will also alarm to wake me up.  
Pumping has given not only me a chance at a “normal” life but it’s also changed the life of my loved ones who 12 months ago where in a constant state of fear that I wouldn’t wake up.