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Conversations and terms only a type one can relate too!!!!

Are you high? – Now asking a child this in the supermarket could get some looks but it also makes people double take when adult type ones get asked this question.
Are you low? – Now the average person might think you are being asked if you are feeling down. But the truth is the immediate danger and also what might seem like odd behavior  is far more alarming for all in the know.
Speaking to your insulin pump like it’s actually going to answer back – Now everyone chats to themselves from time to time but the odd looks you get when you are talking to a pump. I actually think people expect Scotty to beam you up!!!!
“Test your self” – Now many a time Brendon and I have been out and he’s said “Test your self”. Which of course means test my blood sugar levels not how many push ups I can do.
“Your going off” – Commonly used comment when a loved one hears a pump alarm going off (and I’m told an ignored one becomes annoying mightily fast lol)
“I need to do a set change” – An odd thing to do when not playing tennis but an essential part of pumping which requires the user to change the line delivering insulin.
Carb Counting – No it’s not the latest fad diet it’s how a type one diabetic works out their insulin dose in relation to food intake. Not just for a week, month or year but for the rest of their life they need to be aware of every carb they put into their bodies. 
Slow or grabled speech – A hypo/sugar low can take many forms but often it will effect the type ones ability to communicate (or lack of). This can also appear as if we are drunk!!!
Strip’s -No it’s not a side job we do for money. We use “test strips” when checking our blood sugars. These same test strips will be found in all sorts of random locations throughout the house, car and work place.