October 01 2015 0Comment

Out and About

Over the last 6 months due to Kms4Kids commitments and running events we have had long days and been away from home  traveling. 
Now for someone without type one diabetes that’s no big deal. But as a T1D it takes planning when to test blood sugars, when you will eat, the “God I hope I don’t go low here” thoughts, and packing a mountain of supplies it’s never ending. 
Then there is food!!!  Eating out always  has an eliment of guessing to it but try doing it for a week while on holiday!!!!!  Recently while holidaying on the Gold Coast (with a marathon event thrown in of course) it occurred to me how wonderful it was to have the benefit of SmartGuard and the MiniMed 640G. I could enjoy our family day out without the constant blood tests  and I could put my trust in the MiniMed to activate SmartGuard ensure lows where avoided and that if I had under guessed carbs for food I could take action to fix the situation before it became a problem. 
Not only that I could enjoy water based theme park rides without worrying that the pump would get wet as its water proof. 
And importantly my 9 year old son Lachlan and my partner Brendon had piece of mind that after full days of activities the pump would alert us to any up coming issues which could then be advoided. 
More recently I was attending an event show casing MiniMed Miles I was alone on this day which would normally mean testing lots and having a hypo kit on standby. But wearing CGM I had constant control over my diabetes and didn’t have to address any issue taking me away from what I was doing. What was great is the fact I could show people interested in MiniMed Miles the benefits of the pump first hand!!!
Not only does my MiniMed give me greater control over my diabetes it also lets me lead a active life style without the associated issues a type one diabetic has on a daily bases.