October 12 2015 0Comment

Wearing Your Pump

Prior to starting on my insulin pump my main objection to the idea of a pump was where to I put it? 
Now as a runner having something extra bouncing around on your hip can become annoying!!!!  But I can say ever since starting on my MiniMed have I noticed it nor has it caused an issue. 
When wearing the pump with CGM of course you can view your current blood sugars to see what they are doing and to be honest this does take a bit of trial and error as everyone is different in what works for them.  For me I just chip the pump to my run belt but I know others that zip it into a pocket or to their bra to get it out the way. 
Sleeping connected to a pump is another personal perference matter. For me I leave it “floating” but have gone though times of clipping it to my PJs. 
One of the most mundane tasks can also put the pump at the most risk of damage….. No it’s not sky driving or bungy jumping it’s actually   getting into a car and more so as the driver. During the day my pump is clipped to the top of my trousers and genually on my back. With my Veo I broke countless clips off it by getting in the car and moving into the seat causing the clip to snap off ( this happened lots!!!)  So far with the 640G the chip which is actually built into the pump seems much thouger  but I’m always aware of it and extra careful when I hop into the car. 
One thing I found out when I starting  pumping was that my concerns of wear to put it soon disappeared. I have favorite bits of clothing which are pump friendly and yes at times when wearing a dress I have to make the call on whether to clip it to my bra and have slightly square boobs or leave it on my hip and have a bump. But to be truthful I don’t care because the freedom and benefits the pump gives me far out way this small clothing inconveniences. 
People often ask where is the best place to wear the pump and my answer is always the same  – where ever feel right for you.