October 21 2015 0Comment

Running South

127 kms in two days, sore feet, media and a MiniMed working extra hard!!!! That’s been our week so far and it’s not over yet!!!!
Yesterday we had perfect weather and even got a little sun burnt. Today we had wind, rain and sunshine (got to love Tassie weather).
Suffering with compression blisters on my feel made today hard work and most steps where taken with pain. But we kept putting one foot in front of the other and completed day 2.
In keeping with the weather conditions my blood sugars where great yesterday but decided to keep things interesting today!!!!
The things I have learnt in the last two days:-
1. I am externally lucky to have wonderful friends. Tamara Webb joined me day one and Craig Havery spent most of today with me. Having support with me makes the job so much easier.
2. I love my Brooks runners (but everyone knows that).
3. RockTape really can hold any injury together.
4. My MiniMed is not only making this adventure possible but it’s making the job easier for not only me but my support team who have learnt to also react and listen to what the pumps telling me (thank god for CGM).
5. There are looks of trucks on the Midlands Hwy and I’m not affraid to say it some times get scary running with them going past.
6. I miss my son Lach so much and cannot wait to hold him.
7. My partner Brendon is amazing he has been by my side every step of the way and been my greatest support.
All in all everything is going to plan and we start day 3 tomorrow from Oatlands for another ultra day!!!