October 30 2015 0Comment

Big Kms

What a week!!!! The North2South run was epic and so much fun (maybe marathon running is like child birth and you do forget the pain). 
We finished on time arriving at Wrest Point casino last Friday at 11.30am. It was emotional as the last part of it I got to run with special people  and was greeted by some wonderful friends at the finish. 
Biggest issue during the run….. My feet from day one I suffered compression blisters but lucky we found a system to deal with them which reduced the pain and keep us on track (even though in a moment of painic I decided we would run most of the night as I started to stress we wouldn’t make it in time). 
Thanks to Medtronic and the MiniMed 640G/SmartGuard my blood sugars stay within range most of the time with the only lows recorded during the run being me tripping over the Win News crew (which would make an interesting blopper).  Day two of the run I was joined by a friend Craig who has seen lows first hand. He said to me “the CGM makes it easier for all of us as we know you are ok and while running we could action on prompts from the pump”. 
After months of training and watching patterns and trends with my blood sugars thanks to CGM. We knew what action to take to adviod hypos and I’m pleased to report it worked a charm and proves yet again that this adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the MiniMed and CGM. 
So what’s next? Well Kms4Kids is having a change of direction on fundraising but remaining diabetes focused. We are planning a bigger run but fort he next little while we are arranging some wonderful events with our new charity partner. 
For me personally my next test is Tassie’s best event the Point to Pinnacle aka the worlds toughest half marathon. (This year with CGM and not blood testing at every drink station lol). 
Right now I feel very lucky and greatful for my insulin pump which not only saved my life but it lets me achieve the goal in life I set myself.