November 08 2015 0Comment

What’s Next

So here we are two weeks after finishing the North2South run hard to believe that two weeks have passed already!!!!
My body seems to have said “enough, it’s time to rest” so after taking part in the Point to Pinnacle next weekend I’m going to do just that!!!! Now the Point to Pinnacle might have the title of “Worlds Toughest Half Marathon” but it’s also my favorite event and by far the best orgainized event in Tasmanian plus it’s a great event to catch up with friends over the 21.1km course. 
Recovery from the North2South run has been longer then expected but saying that I haven’t really taken a day off since finishing (mums never get a day off lol).  I have never felt as wornout as I have in the last weeks and feeling a little lost.  But saying  I haven’t missed running big kms each week in training and I’m enjoying some family time before moving on to achieve my next goal. 
My diabetes has been “interesting” we knew at some point that the hypos would start but to what extent we didn’t know. So far it hasn’t been too bad and the MiniMed/SmartGuard  has stopped/limited hypos. Proving  yet again how wonderful it is. The truth is without my Medtronic pump and continues glucose monitoring none of this would have been possible. 
CGM saves lives that’s a fact but what it also does is allow type one diabetics to achieve goals in day to day life and even  opens up a world of opportunity allowing us to take on sports and other achivities which in the past would have been unachievable  or life threatening.  My recent adventures have made me even more greatful for my MiniMed and CGM. 
Of course my down time from running and training has been put to good use and we are planning the next big adventure and how we can assist JDRF, Kms4Kids wonderful new charity who we are working with to make a difference to children with type one diabetes.