November 24 2015 0Comment

Pumping 101

Well the old saying of “you are only as good as the information you are given” is very true when it comes to pumping. If the pump isn’t given the correct information it cannot ensure corrections etc are done accordingly. 
Over the last two weeks I have failed pumping badly. Why? Well I think a little bit of laziness, a little bit of needing a week off from being diabetic (wouldn’t that be nice) and I think the fact I have felt so worn out some of my “old ways” began to creep back into my diabetes management. 
1. Noticed air in the tubing, so proceeded to clear the line……. Would have been nice if I had of disconnected from the pump first (perhaps the dumbest pumping mistake I have made so far). Thankfully I was on CGM so the “large” amount of insulin I got which wasn’t required resulted in an epic low but was kept controlled as the pump suspected and alarms where going off (if it could yell “hey idiot what did you just do I don’t know about”). 
2. Had a shower and left pump sitting on vanity nothing unusual in that other then the fact I then took Lach to school and did supermarket shopping with the pump still sitting on the vanity!!!!!
3. Now insulin hasn’t got the best of smells (smells like hospital if you ask me). So imagine my delight while doing a set change that I pushed to much into the set resulting in the plugger coming out and me wearing 100’s of units of it…… Ok maybe delight was the wrong word to use there!!!
4. The last weeks have been busy and I have had CGM in post North2South run as we knew that insulin settings would need to be adjusted.  So when the pump alarms to tell me suspended before low, I think great I will deal with that in a minute. When it alarmed to say, I’m suspended you need to stop what you are doing and eat,  I thought just wait I’m  busy. When it yelled at me, DO SOMETHING NOW, I thought grrrrr stop telling me what to do. When it alarmed saying LOW, I thought (well actually thought might be the wrong word in hind site) ok ok enough!!!!  
Lazy/busy/just not being careful whatever the reason and with me thinking  “go away just leave me alone” my pump wasn’t going to give up on me, some days we have a love hate relationship but we truly are best friends. 
5. “Now why are you beeping at me” !!!!  The I’m low on insulin alarm please do a set change in other words FEED ME. As insulin is kind of an essential ingredient to successful pumping (and also to staying alive) best to act on this one……..unlike me who kept saying to the pump “I will get to you” then ran it out and had to do a rush set change on it. 
I guess I share the above in the hope others don’t make the same mistakes but I also share to show just how honest my MiniMed 640G keeps me.  Who as a child had a Tamagotchi ? A digital pet which you had you kept alive. Well I guess pumping is a little like that only the button pressing and alarming is keeping me alive and giving me the best control over my diabetes I have even had. 
If I can offer one piece of advice to people using the MiniMed it would be trust it and don’t try and second guess it as it really does know best!!!