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Training with CGM vs Training with no CGM …… Being able to out run type one diabetes.

Over the last year I have been lucky enough to have access to Medtronic CGM to use with the 640G. And what a huge difference it has made to being able to achieve goals I have set for myself,   everything from fun running to ultra marathoning and the most important goal of all being a loving mum and partner !!!!
In October last year I ran 205kms over 3 and half days to fundraise for children living with type one diabetes, but my main aim was to demonstrate the positive out comes of insulin pump therapy when used with CGM.  The North2South Run was 3 ultra marathons in 3 days, even for a non type one diabetic this puts a huge strain on a persons body, both emotionally and physically but throw type one into the mix and things get interesting!!!!!
In the lead up to this run by using CGM and the 640G I (with the help of my diabetes team) we could map the patten of rise  and fall in my blood sugar levels while training. But of course what couldn’t be facted in was adrenaline which has always been an issue for me on a race day.  In the weeks leading up to the run I was was frantically running around making sure that everything was ready, making sure that all our sponsors where happy and that everything was in place to make sure it was a success. Unfortunately I was let down by others involved which added to the stress and of course this had the blood sugars trending higher and higher in the lead up. But thanks to CGM we could deal with those higher blood sugars prior to them getting out of control  and used temp basals to bring things back to within range.

It’s taken almost a year but  I’m finally feeling like running again  and I am enjoying being out in the fresh air and being active.  I still don’t class myself as a runner and doubt I ever will. But my enjoyment for something I love has returned.
Over the last 12 weeks I have been training for a half marathon -Run Melbourne in the mix of this I sprained my ankle while getting out the car and got knocked down by a flu which was board line manflu (but of course not nearly as bad!!!!!!) plus as is normal I had my type one diabetes to deal with.
Most of my training was done wearing CGM because only a type one can understand the stress and risks of doing a training session of say 25kms with a run belt full of blood tester, strips, glucose gels and just the normal bits a non type one has on them for such a session.
Other than the fact I didn’t feel like I had everything but the kitchen sink in my run belt there are huge differences in training with and without CGM.
Running with the 640G gave me the assurance that SmartGuard would suspend before low and I could have a quick gel to bring things back on track,  this made long runs so much easier. The photo at the top of the page shows the different out comes when training with and without CGM and also the true “awesomeness” of the 640G’s SmartGuard. I guess the obvious difference is with the 640G and SmartGuard nearly all of the hypos are eliminated but in addition to this the feeling of knowing you have control of  you life even when pushing your physical limits is amazing. Without SmartGuard as my guardian angel ever run would involve a risk that just doesn’t need to be taken.
Race day at Run Melbourne was going to be a tricky one,  I was pushing for a half marathon PB and also to get back to the start so I could head back out to run the 5km event with my son. I was starting to doubt my own stanity in the days leading into the events  as what right minded person does an half marathon and a 5k within hours of each other!!!
Lots of time and effort was put into this event with my Diabetic Educator Liz. We played with pump and sensor setting and found what worked, while trying it at other running events so we could take into account the adrenaline factor.  SmartGuard played a critical role in this being a success as did the use of temp basals,  using carbs and protein to avoid the normal drop during and after the events, the rapid rise a few hours later followed by the dreaded over night crash.

The lowest I hit all day was 4.2 which was mid run which was expected and dealt with with the normal Gu gel (all runners not just type one runners normally have an engry gel about 10kms in a distance event).  I was thrilled with the out come although I didn’t get my PB I reached a new level of control over my diabetes thanks to SmartGuard and its suspend before low function.
After a big day of running and also walking to the MCG to watch our beloved Hawks win their game. I was exhausted but was still maintaining within range blood sugar levels thanks to the 640G and my management plan.
So what happened with that dreaded overnight low I hear you ask…… Well this was the outcome ……….. The lowest we reached was 5!!!! Now I might not have achieved a PB in the run but it’s fair to say thanks to the 640G  and SmartGuard I did PB diabetes on this occasion.

Is every day this perfect?? Of course not the nature of diabetes is to keep changing the rules on us. But thanks to the amazing technology we now have we can adapt to those chances and achieve our goals even crazy ones that involve running silly distances.
My major goal of not letting my diabetes get in the way of  enjoying something special to my son was achieved and that is why my 640G is so important to not only me, but also to those who live with my diabetes daily being my son Lachlan and partner Brendon, it gives me the freedom as a runner, mother and friend to live life to the fullist and being able to enjoy control of my type one diabetes which I haven’t experienced in the 31 years prior to starting on the 640G.