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David O’Byrne – Patron

I have committed my life to making a difference and improving the lives of those around me.

Growing up with both parents in the workforce – my Mum a cleaner, my Dad a tradie painter – I have always understood the value of secure work, the importance of a fair day’s pay, and why we all must do something to make people’s lives better.

I am proud to have been able to represent working people from a range of industries and occupations through my work in the union movement, fighting for good jobs, respect and dignity and safe workplaces.

During my time as a local Member for Franklin, I have seen too many people in my community doing it tough. These people are often left without work, without access to proper healthcare, and without a roof over their head. I am determined to continue fighting for these people, so that they are no longer forgotten and ignored by government.

Throughout my work for the non-for-profit Beacon Foundation, I had the privilege of working with young, disadvantaged Australians and helping them secure a brighter future.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue fighting for those living with Type One Diabetes and my local community in Franklin.

Elise Archer – Patron

Elise Archer was elected as the Liberal Member for Denison in the Tasmanian House of Assembly in 2010 after a career in law as a Barrister and Solicitor for 17 years in Hobart and having served as an Alderman of the Hobart City Council (2007-2010).

In her first term of Parliament, Elise was Opposition Whip and the Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Management, Planning, Community Development (with responsibility for women, child/youth affairs, seniors, multiculturalism and the Disability Bureau) and Aboriginal Affairs. She was also the Opposition Spokesperson for Corrections in the House of Assembly. During this time Elise was a member of the Joint Standing Committee for Subordinate Legislation and the House of Assembly Privileges Committee, as well as a member of two Select Parliamentary Committees.

After the March 2014 State Election, Elise was named as the Government Nominee for the Speaker of the House of Assembly, and was formally elected in this role unopposed by the House on Tuesday, 6 May 2014.

Elise is the first female Speaker in Tasmania in the House of Assembly’s 158 year history.

“I am proud to be the Patron of an organisation committed to improving the lives of those living with Type One Diabetes whose mission is to help those living with the condition by promoting Type 1 Diabetes’ awareness, education, and giving access to new devices and therapies that increase quality of life, easier management, and safer outcomes now and into the future.”

Deborah Ludeke – Founder and Director

Deb was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes in 1984 at the age of 10. The disease required Deb to inject herself with insulin several times a day for 30 years. In August 2014 Deb began on a Medtronic MiniMed insulin pump and CGM, which now gives her more freedom with the disease and greater control over managing the illness.

In October 2015 Deb undertook the North2South Run, running 205kms over 3.5 day raising funds for children with Type One Diabetes and demonstrating the positive outcomes of insulin pump therapy & CGM. However, Deb believes her biggest achievement has been helping others with Type One Diabetes commence their insulin pump therapy journey by sharing her story.

Deb was appointed as a Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador in 2015. This program was designed to provide passionate people a platform to advocate for greater awareness, better education and improved treatment options for anyone living with Diabetes. This also gives her the opportunity to champion new initiatives and technologies, with the aim of helping fellow Type One Diabetics to achieve better control and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

In September 2016, Deb founded PACED Inc. as she identified a need for a charity promoting the positive outcomes for those living and managing Type One Diabetics.

Paul McIntyre

In 2016 Paul joined the Paced Inc. Board as Vice President, born and raised in Hobart attending Rosebay High School and Rosny College.

From an early age Paul has been involved in many sporting groups including baseball, soccer and gridiron, representing Tasmanian and Southern teams. He currently holds an Australian record for the 1500 in fin swimming.

In 2015 he took on the role of assistant coach for the Tasmanian Masters baseball team and he is also an active member in the scouting movement.

Holding a Certificate III in Aged Care, Paul has made a successful and rewarding career caring for older people which is a complex and diverse branch of the health care industry. He has been working in this role for almost ten years.

In 2016 PACED Inc. Director Deb pointed Paul in the direction of fun running. Wanting to live a healthier lifestyle not only for himself but to also set an example for his young son Kieren. Paul is now an accomplished fun runner and he looks forward to one day being able to run an event with Kieren by his side.

Liz Broad

Liz is a Credentialed Diabetes Nurse Educator with a number of years experience helping those with Type One Diabetes to gain advanced skills in diabetes management. Liz has a keen interest in diabetes technologies including Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Management, she is a Certified Pump Trainer and has a passion about individualized and responsive person-centered care when it comes to the management of Type One Diabetes.

With most families living with Type One Diabetes in Southern Tasmania having been assisted by Liz during and after diagnoses, she is always a popular lady at any Type One related event!!!

After a number of years working in both the public and private hospital systems in Tasmania, Liz joined Medtronic Diabetes in 2015 as a Clinical Specialist and has been instrumental in helping 100’s of people start their pump journey and lead happier, healthier lives as a result. In January 2017, Liz took a role working with Medtronic Diabetes Western Australia as a Clinical Specialist and is proud to be a part of the PACED team.

Hayley Moore

Currently residing on the mainland, Burnie-born Hayley will always call Tasmania “home”.

Hayley is very excited to be a part of the PACED Board, having seen the positive impact Insulin Pump Therapy has made to several of her friends living with Type One Diabetes. She looks forward to helping the PACED team raise funds and awareness for Insulin Pump Therapy and CGM, and hopes to make a difference in the lives of Type One Diabetes sufferers.

She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with double majors in Psychology and Writing, and is currently studying with the aim of becoming a registered psychologist.